Why I Started My Business

I’ve planned a number of events myself so I understand how much work goes into making them happen. I know that the work doesn’t stop at planning it but also executing everything on the day of.

I’ve had to manage my own baby showers, and I didn’t like asking family members to help with the event’s activities. If I’m being quite honest, I wish I could’ve had someone available (someone outside of my friends and family zones) to put in charge of coordinating my special events.

It’s fun to plan and put on a memorable experience but the thoughts of “Who do I ask to help?”
“Who is dependable enough to help me?”
“I want to enjoy my own event but don’t want to manage or coordinate it”
“I want my friends and family to be free of responsibilities too”

I can do this for you! I can make sure you enjoy your own event without worrying about who will take care of the nitty gritty details.

If I am your hair and makeup artist, I would also be around to do any kind of touchups you may need. Especially if you have a photographer who will be taking your pictures throughout the day.

Hey, I'm Frances!

Hey, I'm Frances!